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From [personal profile] pensnest, February Fic Recs.

The Masterlist

1st Great opening

2nd Songfic - uses the song within the story, uses the lyrics as plot, whatever

3rd Makes you laugh!

4th Really hot sex

5th AU: Fantasy AU (whether it's elves and dragons or futurefic, this is a world that doesn't and never did exist)

6th Pets/Animals

7th Crossover

8th Stylistic - it's presented in an unusual way

9th AU: Real World - the characters aren't their canon selves, they're… rugby players, High School students, baristas, etc

10th Food

11th Tentacles

12th Breaks your heart

13th Rare pairing - bonus points if you can find a pairing that's only been done once!

14th AU: Period Drama, ie historical

15th Threesome or moresome

16th Friendship

17th Borrowed plot: could be your fandom's version of Pretty Woman (because there is a version of Pretty Woman in every fandom, amirite?), or Much Ado About Nothing (tell me there is an Avengers version of this!) etc

18th Great dialogue

19th Real World with Added Weirdness - canon-based, but with an inexplicable element, eg mpreg, superpowers, wings, magic is real etc

20th Crack, and not ashamed of it! Probably the same deal as yesterday, but this time written tongue in cheek.

21st AU: Trousers of Time, ie canon-based but something changed so the 'reality' is different, eg someone didn't die, a crucial event did not take place…

22nd Fic written specially for you!

23rd Pairing you never expected to enjoy, but this story makes it work

24th AU: hookers and/or porn stars! (I truly don't understand why this is so popular, but anyway. Convince me!)

25th Multi-part: a series or collection that's best read together

26th Favourite pairing

27th It makes you happy, for whatever reason

28th Great ending!

I'll start in the next post.


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