Aug. 16th, 2011

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I've switched fandoms. And some of my colleagues know my other ID, which was stopping me from making public posts and comments with it. I wasn't posting feedback to authors because I didn't want it out there, which is not fair to them. So, especially for NCIS, and maybe future fandoms, comes [ profile] bravofiftyone. I'm sad to have to make a new ID, because it's a real pain to have two. But I couldn't see an alternative this time round.

I am writing a long NCIS fic in my almost non-existent spare time. I will have more time after mid-October, so it probably won't be finished until Christmas at the earliest. I am not the world's fastest writer! I have one very good beta, but she's English too and not into NCIS; I could do with an American one who is, as backup. But not yet. I am aiming to write some short fic as well, but see above about non-existent spare time.

I am an experienced beta, and willing to help anyone who wants input, but my time is limited so please ask first. I seem to spend an awful lot of time reading NCIS fic though, so if it means I get to read your work before anyone else, I'll probably squeeze it in somehow.


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