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Sorry it's taken me a while to get to this. Worst timing ever!

Anyway, here's what I like in fic generally: Clever characterisation. Plot (especially mystery). Smut (any combination of gender and sexuality). Fluff. Hurt/comfort. Any one of these is fine with me - please don't feel you have to attempt them all! I adore AUs, but don't worry at all if they're not your thing - they can be hard work, and Yuletide should be fun. I have a massive teamwork kink, if that works for you.

Angst is OK, but I have a very strong preference for happy endings. I'm quite difficult to squick, but please don't take this as a challenge. It would be lovely if there were some women in your fic, doing their own thing and not being plot devices or motivational tools.

Anyway, on to the fandoms:

The Shadow Police - Paul Cornell )

Midsomer Murders )

Angelmaker - Nick Harkaway )
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Day 4 Really hot sex

Yes yes yes by Basingstoke (Sherlock, rather obviously explicit). This story has the best threesome ever.

5th AU: Fantasy AU

Stranger at the Gate by Bendingsignpost. Sherlock, Explicit. I'm never quite sure how I feel about this fic, but it's certainly interesting and worth a read.

6th Pets/Animals

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by feelslikefire. Skyfall, Explicit. Q has a cat. What a surprise.

7th Crossover

This has to be the epic Housemates series by Coneycat. Thor, Being Human, The Avengers, Teen.

8th Stylistic - it's presented in an unusual way

Arcana by Gloriamundi. PotC, G, tarot cards.
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Oh, this has to be The Mating Dance of Wolf and Fox by TheCatOnTheMoon (Skyfall, Not Rated). I had the pleasure of beta-ing this story and I laughed myself silly through the whole thing.
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OK, this is where I rec The Cold Song by EldritchHorrors (BBC Sherlock, rated explicit and please, please read the tags and summary).
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John Watson owns two watches. One is analogue, the band leather. The other is digital, a circle of metal around his wrist. Except to shower, he never removes them. There is a system to his watches, to the tan lines at the ends of his sleeves, but a careful observer would say he only wears the one.

A careful observer would be wrong.

From The Watches 'Verse by Bendingsignpost (BBC Sherlock, rated Explicit).

This is one of my favourite stories. It has some great lines, and a brilliant plot.
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From [personal profile] pensnest, February Fic Recs.

The Masterlist )

I'll start in the next post.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

I'll be happy with anything in any of my requested fandoms, really, and ecstatic if the grammar and spelling is correct. Especially if it made you happy to write my gift. But in case you're looking for guidance, here are some things I particularly enjoy (don't panic, I don't need all these in the same fic)!

Character studies
Intricate plots
Slash (any rating) - but I also like het and gen fic, so no worries if this isn't your thing
Varied pacing
Alternate universes
Style experiments

But really, don't stress. This is meant to be fun (remind me of this on the day before the deadline). And THANK YOU!
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[Cross-posted from [ profile] 9worlds_fanfic]

The fanfic community is as much about our fellow fans as about the works we create in the fandoms we love. Sadly, some people are no longer with us: some have passed on, some have deleted their online presence. Fandom is the poorer without them.

In the fanfic programme room at Nine Worlds Geekfest, we'll have a memories board where you can pin photos and remembrances of fans who can't be with us. We'll be raising a glass to those we've lost at the AfterWorld party on Sunday night. If there's someone you miss, share your memories with others.

If you can't make it to the con, email your memories to and we'll put them on the board for you.
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Just a quick plug for The Nine Worlds Geekfest, happening in London 9-11 August 2013. Nine Worlds is a residential con celebrating all aspects of geek culture. Gaming, film, cosplay, anime, literature, and partying! There are a number of different programme tracks in development, but I've been talking to the organisers of the fanfiction stream, and it's going to be amazing.

The Kickstarter for the con is here. It is now funded, in the sense that the initial £10,000 target has been met. But it's open for another two days (ending Sunday Mar 3, 5:49pm EST). If you want to come along, the cheapest way is to pledge to the Kickstarter and choose early-bird membership. You have two days to do that. Go to it!
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I seem to have fallen into Skyfall fandom. I even wrote something. Eek.

Title: Moving On
Author: [ profile] bravofiftyone
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3k
Summary: 00Q is taking over MI6. M has other ideas.

Moving On at AO3
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Title: The Full House
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Author: bravofiftyone
Author's Notes: Written for jezebelgoldstone in the 2012 sherlocksecretsanta on Tumblr. Betaed by my lovely husband. All the mistakes are mine
Characters / Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4063
Disclaimer: I made it all up
Summary: Sherlock is back, but he's broken. And it's Mycroft's fault.

The Full House
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Title: Double Dating
Author: [ profile] bravofiftyone
Author's Notes (if any): No spoilers. This follows on from my fic last year, Torn, but it's not essential reading. Betaed by my lovely husband (yes really), and [ profile] your_icequeen. Thank you both! All the mistakes are mine
Characters / Pairings: Gibbs/Dinozzo, McGee/Ziva
Rating: PG
Genre / Category: Fluff
Word Count: 800
Disclaimer: I made it all up
Summary: Who knows which thing about what?

Double Dating )


Feb. 7th, 2012 10:24 pm
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I did enjoy the 200th episode, but I'm not sure what it was trying to say. Oh well.

Three new comments on Torn on AO3 today. I'm certainly not complaining about that!

Being a fan

Jan. 9th, 2012 10:54 pm
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This post is interesting. It's about how to be a fan of something (a show, a book, a movie) which has problematic elements (and what hasn't?) like racism, sexism, homophobia etc., without selling out your own principles. I don't actually think it goes far enough, but there's food for thought.

Being a fan

Jan. 8th, 2012 10:52 pm
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This post is interesting. It's about how to be a fan of something (a show, a book, a movie) which has problematic elements (and what hasn't?) like racism, sexism, homophobia etc., without selling out your own principles. I don't actually think it goes far enough, but there's food for thought.
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NCIS in feminist shocker :0


Dec. 14th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Torrent faster, dammit! At this rate I'll be dead before I get to watch Newborn King.

There is an argument that I've had enough excitement for one day, but it's not a very good argument.
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Title: Torn
Author: [ profile] bravofiftyone
Author's Notes: This is my first fic in this fandom, and the first I've written for several years. For [ profile] tibbs_yuletide 2011. Thank you so much to my lovely betas, [ profile] viva_gloria for grammar, spelling and suggestions, and [ profile] your_icequeen for doing a great job of Americanization. I have worked on this a bit since they saw it, and any remaining mistakes are my fault. Please point out anything you notice.
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None.
Characters/Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: R, for a bit of nastiness in one of the cases
Genre/Category: Mildly case-fic.
Word Count: 3,354
Disclaimer: I made it all up, and I certainly didn't get any money for it.
Summary: The MCRT is worn down, and this time even Gibbs is affected. His resistance is low, and he just can't help himself.

Torn )
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Having seen the premiere, I have a very good feeling about NCIS season 9. I'd dance around, but I'm in quite a lot of pain at the moment - so maybe not.
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